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Who says that the heavenly bliss and tranquility which the human soul craves for, is attainable only to those who lead life sans evil or sins? Anyone can have access to it. And in a simple manner too!

Reach out for the breathtakingly beautiful, mesmerizing snow capped mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, the undulating sand dunes and ravines of Rajasthan that reverberate with the heroism and valour of a bygone era, the tale of immortal love spun around the Taj Mahal in Agra, the virgin beaches of the equatorial Andamans, surrounded by the vast expanse of blue, the exotic breaches of Goa, which still retain vestiges of the Portuguese Colonialism, the lush green backwaters of Kerala…

In the process of exploration, rediscover the passion for life and the joie de vivre which is fast disappearing in today’s world. It is not just seeing places but reliving the ages that have chiselled our incredible India, but also searching for oneself in the heart of the diversity that inexplicably unites us all.

If variety be the spice of life, then the Indian experience is like being invited to a sumptuous feast that is bound to be refreshing, delightful and enlivening.

Discovering India is an endless odyssey for the soul, at the end of which sagging spirits will be rejuvenated; the flame of hope and of life will be rekindled. Every place you go to, is replete with a rich historical and cultural heritage which glorifies the diverse phases of human civilization. The blend of reality and illusion is presented at its best.

The philosophical aspects of India’s culture, which is deeply rooted in religious faiths and beliefs, enunciated aeons ago, is implicitly palpable everywhere; philosophical beliefs of yore nurturing life fathered by the Renaissance of every era.

Wander in the rocky lanes of Ladakh, linger in the magnificent citadels of Rajasthan, bow your head in respect in the majestic monasteries of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh and you can hear the eternal music of life, which generally eludes us in the din of our mundane and urban lives. The awe inspiring churches of Goa, the spiritual ambience of Pondicherry and the swirling ocean waters of Kanyakumari speak volumes about mankind’s pursuit and ultimate attainment of spiritual enlightenment and tranquility.

Where else but in India,does one come across a unique, intimate relationship between human life and flora and fauna; the lofty ideal of live and let live, of Ahimsa (non-violence) and peaceful co-existence? Several other factors such as the traditional haute couture, the cuisine, the rich repertoire of folklore which you find in every nook and corner of the country, and last but not the least, nature in its manifold, beauteous manifestations, invariably leaves human beings marveling at the creative powers of the Divine. Experience the sub-zero temperatures at Ladakh and Siachin, the nerve chilling snowfall of Kashmir, the blistering heat of the Thar desert, the heavy rains of the Seven Sisters (the seven north-eastern states) or the parched dryness of Gujarat and you are left wondering how to define this mesmerizing land.

India is truly an artist’s oeuvre with every shade of colour complementing the other, yet retaining its appeal and adding to the beauty. The tolling of bells in ancient temples, the ghats (river steps) of Varanasi, the holy waters of sacred Amritsar (pool of nectar) in the Punjab, the hallowed air of the imposing mosques, epitomize the religious harmony that binds us all together. While the west races for materialistic gain and success, we, here in India still strive for spiritual nirvana (salvation).

Even an entire lifetime is rather too short for savouring and imbibing the quintessence of India. A journey across India is indeed a voyage to eternity. So take a sabbatical to relive life as never before, feel immortality awaiting you! You can only marvel at the possibilities of what lies ahead.

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