Globetrotter Destination Management Services Private Limited is primarily a travel management corporation, limited by shares, incorporated under laws, guidelines and specifications by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. We are a mid-sized, yet ambitious travel corporation backed by an extensive worldwide network of local partners and associates.
A travel outfit headquartered in India; we specialise in our own little place on the planet, our travel specialists, tour managers, and guides know the subcontinent like the back of their hand, Our enthusiastic and young team of travel specialists have been handpicked from diverse backgrounds
to include people with a shared passion for travel, love for nature and consciousness about the
environment. We have travelled extensively throughout India and abroad. We know our destinations intimately; many of us are trained VVIP/VIP & exclusive luxury hospitality caretakers, adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts having lived and worked both in India and abroad for varied lengths of time. Our immense knowledge of tours offered accommodations available, modes of transport, monuments of archaeological importance, flora and fauna along with local cultures & history enables us to give an immediate, considered and honest response to all queries from prospective travellers. 

Globetrotter would be very happy to assist you with your travel plans. Our company focuses on three, four and five star travel budget segments and specialises in exclusive tailor-made tours.
Our travellers are typically couples, family & small groups, business, health/wellness travellers. We are not in the economy market and don’t sell scheduled group departure tours. Our tours and services are divided into four categories: ‘budget (3*)’, standard (4*)’ luxury (5*) and one of the most sorted out “exclusive’ category. Whether it’s the Taj in India or Machu Pichu in Peru, we use accommodations and services, which fall into one of these three categories.

Selecting a Travel Style

We have a large number of exquisitely planned itineraries advertised on our website.
These itineraries have been carefully set up to meet the most popular requests guests have made over the years. We can however gladly modify any one of these itineraries in any way to meet the special requests of our guests.

In order to provide you with a quotation; we would need the following information:

· The tour name and code and country (obtainable from our web site), or alternatively a brief but concise outline of the schedule they have in mind. ‘Sightseeing’ or ‘all the highlights’ isn’t enough information. Guests who are serious will have done some research and should have at least an idea of what they want to see or do.

· The number of persons in the party, minors/children being less than 12 years old with or without extra bed and their sleeping arrangements i.e. double sharing , or double with one extra bed.

· Meal Preference and Meal Plan

·The number of nights the guests wishes to stay for.

·The budget per-person for the trip. This info is vitally important. It’s no good we spend hours setting up a custom proposal for you, only to find that the total cost is far beyond the guests’ budget. We deal with many guests who are open about their budget and who are ready and willing to pay for our services. Those guests will always get priority attention because we know they’re serious, while those guests who are just ‘fishing’ will always be relegated to the bottom of the list.

·Dates of arrival. Even just the month is ok. This information is important as there are high and low seasons and prices differ from period to period.

I trust the information I have provided will be of assistance to you. If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You can mail us on info@globetrotter.asia or visit our website www.globetrotter.asia


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